Solution to Download and Install HP Printer Assistant on windows

HP Printer is used everywhere. For household to office printing tasks, Hp printers are best preferred. But for HP Printer to be used efficiently and adequately, you need to download the HP Printer Assistant


In other words, the HP Printer Assistant is a management software with the HP print driver for windows. However, when the HP Printer driver is downloaded the HP Printer assistant is downloaded automatically.

In addition, downloading the HP printer assistant provides you with the following benefits:

           1.       Launch the printing, scanning, and faxing work

2.       Adjust the settings for the printer.

3.       Select output folders.

4.       Monitor the supply levels for the printer.

HP Printer Download and Installation guide

To start with the installation steps first, the driver needs to be downloaded. Download the drivers from the official HP website, according to the model of the printer.

1.       Go to the official site under HP Customer Support and then Software and Driver Downloads.

2.       Go to Printers and then search for the model number. And click Submit.

3.       Download the recommended software. 

4.       Under the Driver heading, there will be an option for Download. Click on the download.

Now, when the file is downloaded. It is time to install it. 


In case, you only need the HP Printer assistant and not the other software files. Follow these methods.

Method 1 (Universal Printer Driver)

The HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) is an all-in-one driver that enables the computer to print on a wide range of supported HP printers, and even on some non-HP printers. Hence, This can be a great driver to install to work in an office that has multiple different types of printers.

Follow the steps to install the HP Universal Print Driver:


1.       Go to the “HP Customer Support” 

2.       Go under the “Software and Driver Downloads”

3.       Search for your model number in the box.

4.       Click on your printer name on the screen 

5.       Click Enter

6.       Fo for the HP Universal Print Driver from the options.


Method 2 (Extracting the INF File)

For this method, the driver for your HP printer should be downloaded normally. Hence, Choose the basic driver. Run the .exe files.

1.       After the extracting process is completed

2.       Go to C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp. 

3.       Open up a 7zS folder (7zS2B32 or something like that) and 

4.       Search for the HPWia_*.INF file (* stands for the printer model).

5.       Right-click on the file and start to Install.


Note: In this method, make sure that all the hidden files are displayed.

Final Words

To summarize, Downloading and Installing the HP Printer assistant on windows is not a complex task. I hope the above-mentioned steps have helped you to successfully download and install the HP Assistant on your devices. In case, there is any doubt or the process doesn't work, you can contact HP customer services anytime.




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